Circular Quay Arts and Cultural Framework – Transport for NSW

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Project: Circular Quay Arts and Cultural Framework
Organisation: Transport for NSW
Place: Sydney
Year: 2018–19
Project Type: Culture-led Placemaking, Strategy, Policy & Research, Night-time Economy

In 2018 City People was commissioned by Transport for NSW to develop an arts and cultural framework for Circular Quay as part of the Circular Quay Renewal Strategic Framework. Our role involved strategy, project planning, place visioning, research and identification of the projects’ core themes and values. Through targeted consultation and analysis of the unique policies, interests and values embodied in the site, we developed a set of arts and cultural principles.

The framework takes into consideration the location of Circular Quay, its history, function and value, then defines how arts and culture can improve the area and enhance its significance as Sydney’s premier cultural precinct.

City People worked alongside specialist Aboriginal advisor Peter White to co-author the framework.


  • Provide a set of key cultural principles that guide the Circular Quay arts and cultural framework,
  • Engage with stakeholders to establish the contemporary understanding of the area’s culture and history, and,
  • Provide recommendations and considerations for how the area’s cultural offerings could be better unified through place management.


City People produced a cultural framework for the precinct that incorporated a significant body of research and consultation to inform the future renewal of the area, so that it remains relevant, functional, inclusive and reflective of its place as a local landmark and global icon. The report included a set of recommendations for the development of a curatorial model and vision for all arts and cultural programs in the Circular Quay Precinct Renewal area.

Stage 2 – Circular Quay Arts and Cultural Strategy

City People is supporting Arup to develop an arts and cultural strategy as part of Arup’s role working alongside Transport for New South Wales and the New South Wales Government as Technical Advisor on Sydney’s Circular Quay Precinct Renewal program. The program is exploring ways to help this globally-recognised location realise its full potential and remain a vibrant and exciting destination for generations to come.

For more information, please visit Arup – Circular Quay Precinct Renewal Program.

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