Culture-led placemaking

Urban Innovation Accelerator – Wollongong City Council

A new way to solve local problems. Bringing together a powerful combination of architects, artists, urban geographers, historians and other professionals… After working for years in the public and private sector, we have recognised that there is often a big gap between the vision-making of a cultural or place-making strategy and the ‘on-the-ground’ delivery of

Valuing Creative Placemaking


While working as Creative Producer at UrbanGrowth NSW, City People’s Michael Cohen became aware of a massive gap in the knowledge base surrounding creative or ‘culture-led’ placemaking. While we know that adding to place identity with culture-led offerings (events, festivals, installations, cultural destinations) is a good thing, can we point to research that tangibly demonstrates



Artists:  Robyn Backyn, Andre Dekker, Graham Eatough, Nigel Helyer and Jennifer Turpin. Curators:  Katja Aßmann, Michael Cohen, Lorenzo Mele Commissioning Partners:  Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Glasgow Life (UK) and Urbane Künste Ruhr Michael Cohen initiated an international partnership with curators and artists from five different countries to create Nomanslanding.  This was a five-year process from its

Culture Beats, Darling Harbour


During 2014-16, Kim and Michael both collaborated to bring their respective organisations Arts NSW and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority into partnership on a significant community and cultural development project. Culture Beats was a programme designed to develop the professional pathways and opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse artists and producers whose community festivals were all

The Rocks Windmill


Michael Cohen devised and implemented an arts lab ‘incubator’ model for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) as a way of generating activation projects that speak directly to the identity (past, present and future) of Darling Harbour and The Rocks, two of Australia’s most visited destinations. Emerging from the first laboratory was The Rocks Windmill. SHFA

Aboriginal Life and Sydney Harbour


During 2011-16 Michael Cohen produced several projects that endeavoured to address the lack of Aboriginal stories visible in the public domain of The Rocks – the landing place of Europeans in Australia.   Dedicated ‘interpretive arts incubators’ were the generative process for these projects which include: Aunty’s Blackfella Bingo – at Corroboree Festival and The Rocks