Arts and culture penetrate every aspect of our lives: from the places in which we live and work, to our ideas and beliefs and to our health and wellbeing.

In our rapidly growing cities with diverse and changing populations, arts and culture offer unique ways to build stronger communities and better places.

This is our work and we love it.

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    For Nomanslanding Michael had to combine and synthesise a myriad of demands and outcomes. He did it with calmness, inventiveness and a problem-solving approach that still honoured the vision and daringness of the project. He is a joy to work with.

    Lorenzo Mele, Senior Arts Officer Glasgow Life UK
  • mary darwell

    Kim brings  deep experience in art making,  a wide knowledge of international trends in contemporary cultural practice and research  and rigorous analytical skills to her work.

    Mary Darwell, CEO Sydney Harbour Trust
  • Judith bowtell

    Kim’s knowledge of the arts sector, government structures and policies, how community support works, and what is needed to bring all three into alignment gave us the risk and benefit analysis needed.

    Judith Bowtell, CEO Milk Crate Theatre
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    Nomanslanding all started with a clever idea from Michael Cohen.  He was interested in how a site-specific artistic work can nevertheless develop relevance for various contexts in the world.  Michael brought us together to discuss this question.  There was an incredibly creative atmosphere there, where the artists and curators worked together on a joint artistic idea.

    Katja Aßmann, Director Berlin Centre for Art and Public Space