Strategy, Policy & Research

Event Strategy 2018-21 – Shellharbour City Council

In 2018, City People worked with Shellharbour City Council to develop an Events Strategy.  It provided Council with: a strategic direction and focus for events in the public domain areas of Shellharbour an assessment of events for the LGA, including opportunities and challenges a framework and recommendations for how Council could best enable, along with

Valuing Creative Placemaking


While working as Creative Producer at UrbanGrowth NSW, City People’s Michael Cohen became aware of a massive gap in the knowledge base surrounding creative or ‘culture-led’ placemaking. While we know that adding to place identity with culture-led offerings (events, festivals, installations, cultural destinations) is a good thing, can we point to research that tangibly demonstrates

NSW Arts and Health

In 2015/16 Kim Spinks led the team which collaborated with NSW Health to develop NSW’s first ever arts and health policy. The Framework was released in 2016 and aims to improve the health of the community through integrating the arts into the design and delivery of health services and public health messaging. It provides the

NSW Aboriginal Arts Strategy

From 2011 to 2017 Kim Spinks led the team that developed and implemented Stage One and Two of NSW’s first Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Strategy. The 2016 Evaluation of Stage One showed that funding for NSW Aboriginal arts activities and events had increased by 125% and audiences for these events had increased by 277%. The