Join us at Vivid Ideas 7 June 2019



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At City People we believe inspiring people to connect with each other and the place in which they live, work or visit is the key to an inclusive city.

This is why we love creating experiences (from planning to implementation) that are imaginative, challenging, delightful or beautiful but most importantly, inspired by the specific community and place.

Please join Michael Cohen, Director City People, at Vivid Ideas Exchange on 7 June at the Museum of Contemporary Art for a panel discussion on how we can ensure Sydney is a city that is inclusive for all people.

Michael will be discussing how art and culture can be curated and programmed to create inclusive cities with some insightful panellists in social analytics, urban development and indigenous culture: Joanne Kee, National Theatre of Parramatta; Lucinda Hartley, Neighbourlytics; Tim Williams, Arup; and Dave Beaumont from the City of Sydney.

The focus is on the future of Sydney and innovation in both technology and approach to placemaking will a key theme.  We look forward to sharing City People’s urban innovation accelerator as a great example of a new way to deliver on a creative placemaking vision.

The event is on 7 June, 9am-11am as part of Vivid Ideas Exchange and Helen Salmon, Director of The British Council, will facilitate the discussion.

We’d love to see you there! You can get more information and register here.

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