Urban Innovation Accelerator – Wollongong City Council

A new way to solve local problems.

Bringing together a powerful combination of architects, artists, urban geographers, historians and other professionals…

After working for years in the public and private sector, we have recognised that there is often a big gap between the vision-making of a cultural or place-making strategy and the ‘on-the-ground’ delivery of creative placemaking projects or cultural programmes that actually improve the life of our towns and cities.

It seems that often the scale of vision is hard for teams to implement.

Or there is just not enough local detail to give strong enough direction.

In this gap is where the best intentions of organisations big and small fall over.  Money is wasted.  Enthusiasm and good will are lost.

Enter the Urban Innovation Accelerator.  An economical and powerful way to generate real creative placemaking projects and cultural programmes that you can implement in your town or city.  Because they are generated and tested by people of diverse professional backgrounds with the specifics of your place front of mind.

Check out the video below of an accelerator that we just ran for Wollongong City Council.

We’ve pioneered implementing this practice into the public sector.  Check out these amazing project outcomes from other accelerators that we have produced:

Tallawoladah & The Rocks Boatshed – putting Aboriginal language on land in The Rocks

Nomanslanding:  Darling Harbour (Australia), Ruhrort (Germany) & Glasgow (Scotland).

The Rocks Windmill:  Sustainability, history and food futures

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