Aboriginal Life and Sydney Harbour Arts Incubator – Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority


Project: Aboriginal Life and Sydney Harbour Arts Incubator
Organisation: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Place: The Rocks
Year: 2011-2016
Project Type: Culture-led Placemaking, Curating and Programming

During 2011-2016 Michael Cohen, now director of City People, produced several projects that endeavoured to address the lack of Aboriginal stories visible in the public domain of The Rocks – the landing place of Europeans in Australia.   Dedicated ‘interpretive arts incubators’ were the generative process for these projects which include:

  • Aunty’s Blackfella Bingo – at Corroboree Festival and The Rocks Village Bizarre:  directed by Peta Strachan including performances by diverse local local aunties including Marlene Cummings (pictured below with Uncle Max Eulo).

  • Tallawolodah:  Language on Land   Artists  Colin Kinchela (below) and Paul Gazzola worked with SHFA Aboriginal Program Manager  Marjorie Anderson (below) on this temporary project which ran for 4 years during NAIDOC month using the temporary renaming of street signs, and free distribution of t-shirts and bookmarks to re-inscribe local language on land.  The  project ultimately had a lasting and very significant impact with the permanent naming of part of the precinct “Tallawoladah Place” – the area immediately adjacent to where Europeans landed in Warrane (Sydney Cove) in 1788.  The image above is of the Doonoch Dance company at the launch of this place-naming in 2016.

  • The Rocks Boatshed was another project that emerged from a dedicated Aboriginal arts incubator (facilitated by artist Aroha Groves).

Project team members:  Marjorie Anderson,  Joe Hurst, Barbara McGrady, Colin Kinchela, Donna Ingram, Nardi Simpson, James Simon, Jasmine Sarin, Kyra Kum-sing, Jodi Chulburra, Rachel Perkins, Cathy Craigie, Anita Heiss, Andrea James, Alex Rosemont and Ben Bowham.

Winner of Interpretation Australia Award 2015

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